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    Blue Line Hockey

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  • Learning On & Off the Ice

    Learning On & Off the Ice

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Blue Line Hockey School

Blue Line Checking Clinic

September 10, 16 & 17

Blue Line Hockey presents a checking, angling, and puck protection class designed to teach the fundamentals and skills of checking. First taught will be head up hockey and player safety, through proper technique. Checking is a big part of the game moving into the bantam and midget level, the physicality of the game changes, and you need to add checking to your skill set.


  • Body positioning
  • Proper checking technique
  • Receiving a hit
  • Open ice checking


  • Angling techniques
  • Skating and stick positioning
  • Body position
  • Open ice angling

Puck Protection

  • In front of net
  • Stick checks
  • Along the boards body position away from the puck