Center State Figure Skating Club

Common Skating Terminology

  • Free Skating:
    Free Skating or Freestyle as it is sometimes known, is the most popular and probably the best-known form of figure skating. Freestyle skating incorporates all of the technical aspects in conjunction with artistic content and various numbers of jumps and spins skated to a specified length of music.
  • Moves in the Field:
    Moves in the field teach the skater the basic knowledge of steps, edges, and form; progressing thru the Senior level where the skater must display power, extension, strong edge control and precise footwork. A skater must pass the corresponding level of Moves in the Field before they are eligible to take the free skating test. The skater may advance one or more levels higher in moves in the field before taking corresponding Free skating test.
  • Ice Dance:
    Ice Dancing is fundamentally a skating version of International Ballroom Dancing and like ballroom dancing consists of certain individual dances and exhibition dancing. The most common dances are the compulsory dances that are skated in a pre-determined pattern over the ice surface. Dances can be tested either solo or with a partner depending on the testing track the skater has chosen.