The Morrisville State College IcePlex was built in 1997. It has become so popular that a second arena was constructed and completed in January 2001.

Advertising at the IcePlex forms the basis for a great symbiotic relationship between your business and the community.

The IcePlex is home to:

  • Morrisville Mustangs Hockey
  • Adult Leagues
  • High School Hockey Teams
  • Youth Hockey Organizations
  • Blue Line Hockey School
  • Women's & Men's Hockey Camps
  • Various Hockey Tournaments
  • Various Hockey Camps
  • Figure Skating Clubs & Ice Shows
  • Learn to Skate
  • Public Skating
  • Skate N Shoot
  • After Prom Parties
  • Graduation Parties

Over 50,000 people visit the IcePlex each year!

When you advertise at the IcePlex, you are not just buying the rights to place your business name on a banner in our rinks; you are enabling the IcePlex to host valuable community activities throughout the year encompassing all ages. Supporting your community is two-fold; the community enjoys the activities and the families who frequent the IcePlex are likely to become your most loyal customers. As we know loyal customers are apt to tell their friends; your benefits for advertising grow exponentially for each person who sees your banner.


  • Option 1 - Dasher Board $650
    Rink I– 30” x 96”
    (Dasher boards are along the playing
    surface of the arena.)
  • Option 2 - Dasher Board Duo: $1000
    Rink I & II – 30” x 96”
  • Option 3 - Zamboni Top/Side Panel or Wrap
    Call for pricing
  • Renewal Option A - Dasher Board Duo Renewal: $700
    (for 2017 Dasher Board/Banner Combo & Banner Combo Sponsors)
  • Renewal Option B - Dasher Board (Single) Renewal : $450
    (for 2017 Dasher Board (Single) & Banner (Single) Sponsors)